Fisionomie Lariane is an exploration of the territory, an inventory of architectures and landscapes, an archive of art photography, a collection of drawings, a collection of itineraries, a permanent exhibition, a web platform.
Fisionomie Lariane is a project designed and curated by the Culture Committee of the Order of the Architects of the Province of Como in Italy.

Curated and coordinated by
Stefano Larotonda
Niccolò Nessi

Scientific Committee
Antonio Albertini
Tommaso Arnaboldi
Chiara Brenna
Giacomo Brenna
Nicoletta Brenna
Anna Brusa
Chiara Cattarini
Stefano Ceresa
Lorenza Ceruti
Matteo Clerici
Antonella Impellizzieri
Stefano Larotonda
Maria Eleonora Maccari
Roberta Marelli
Andrea Molteni
Niccolò Nessi
Michele Pierpaoli
Maritza Prosdocimi
Vincenzo Tuccillo

Marco Cappelletti
Stefano Graziani
Walter Mair
Sara Ruggeri
Isabelle Sassi Farìas
Giovanna Silva
Donatella Simonetti
Filippo Simonetti
Jacopo Valentini
Edoardo Valle

Andrea Tregnago

Fabio Cani

Richard Sadleir

Graphic Design
Marina Barbieri

We would like to thank all the people, experts, companies and organizations that have contributed to this important work with the OAPPC Como Cultural Commission.