Atlas Brienno

Photo by Planar

A small village on the western shore of Lake Como, Brienno developed on a very steep rocky site and due to this has a very compact historical core with an unusual tendency to grow vertically. These features make it one of the most distinctive towns in the lower Lario. A maze of narrow lanes, flights of steps and porticoes connects the differences in height in the east-west elevation and allows access to the houses with some restricted views of the lake. In 1889, to a project by the engineer P. Monti, the centre of the village was traversed by a “furrow”, still visible today in the facades of the buildings, to improve the practicability of the Regina road that crosses it.

Architectures of interest
Park of Via Regina, via Regina, 2010, architect Lorenzo Noè.
Former Filanda Comitti (spinning mill), via del Porto 1847-49.
Church of S. Vittore, via Regina, 11th century, 17th century.
Former Kindergarten, via Regina, 1937, architect Alessandro Cairoli .
Church of Santi Nazaro e Celso, Via del Porto 1, late 13th century and 1615-89 .
Church of the Immacolata or Madonna di Ronca, via Regina, rebuilt in the 17th century on the remains of an ancient oratory.
Bridge, via Canova, Romanesque (original), 2015 (reconstruction).
House with a sheltered landing stage, via della Valle.

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