Atlas Tourist customs booth at Ponte Chiasso

Como, via Bellinzona/Chiasso, piazza Elvezia
1937 buildings and central booth (first version) Italian customs:
Civil Engineering Dept
1954 new Swiss and Italian central booths:
Civil Engineering Dept
1985 demolition of the booth and new roof of Swiss customs:
architect Giampiero Mina

Photos by Isabella Sassi Farìas

In the 1930s, building began on the customs complex to deal with substantial tourist and commercial flows, this being the main southern gateway from Switzerland. The buildings, completed in several stages, include administrative functions and control of customs.
The two nations are respectively represented by the styles closest to the contemporary architectural currents: from late Larian rationalism, evident in the two wings in brick and travertine framing the central canopy, to the modular grid structure of the Swiss part built in the eighties .

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