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Via Pietro da Breggia 3, Como
Asnago Vender Architetti

Foto di Jacopo Valentini

The condominium building is located in the lakeside district between Via Borgovico, the Church of San Giorgio, the access to the lakeside promenade and close to the city’s sports infrastructure and important examples of Rationalist architecture. The main entrance is located on Via Pietro da Breggia with a pedestrian access forming a path that gently slopes through the garden towards the large glazed entryway. Three stairwells lead to the three upper floors, which have six apartments on each floor. The original project envisaged a flat roof, but it was subsequently designed as an attic roof housing three more apartments. The stone facing of the roof recalls the materiality of the Church of San Giorgio as well as the neoclassical villas of the lakeside promenade. The body of the building is positioned in such a way as to make the most of the plot’s buildable volume, while at the same time enhancing its distinctive lakefront position. The volume as well as the apartments face the lake with a single focal point that can be identified towards Villa Geno: the sloping walls of the building and the apartments are an invitation to relate to the landscape. All apartments extend the breadth of the building. The lakefront facade is traversed by continuous balconies with parapets in plate glass framed in metal, while the character of the internal front is varied with wooden parapets. The non-repetitive window and door frames punctuate the facades with continuous variations: the full-height windows of the living rooms that open onto the terraces alternate with those of the bathrooms, square and set flush, while laterally there are exceptions such as the presence of a bow window facing the church of San Giorgio. The facade cladding, partly grey stone and partly grey plaster, reflects the colours of the context, while in the atrium and stairwells the use of stone cladding alternates with a coloured ground.