Atlas Edificio per abitazioni Smeraldo

Via Angelo Longoni 8, Cantù
Asnago Vender Architetti

Foto di Jacopo Valentini

In the same period as the Beni Stabili building was being completed, Asnago and Vender designed another apartment building set on a more peripheral site, the last work commissioned by the Marelli family after the construction of their villas. The access road has a narrow section and the building is set back from the street front above a tall terraced plinth, which contains the parking garage. The multifaceted volume, characterised by its location on a sloping site between Via Longoni and Via Ugo Ricci on the upper side, is rises from the plinth for four floors crowned with an attic level set back from the facade on the east and west fronts. Pedestrian access on Via Longoni is provided by a trapezoidal staircase. The floor plan, with an irregular L-shape, has the stairwell and the elevator block as the fulcrum and pivot of the rotation of the volumes, with three staggered apartments laid out on each floor. The circulation area is characterised by an irregular polygonal form with a full-height view of the exterior. The facades are marked by continuous wraparound balconies that follow a broken line, protected by square mesh parapets of white painted metal. The windows, whose forms continuously deviate from the rule in their arrangement, dimensions and internal modulation, a characteristic feature of Asnago and Vender’s architecture, have wooden or metal window frames painted white and are partly screened with shutters also coloured white. Some windows are inserted in characteristic splayed embrasures. The multifaceted development of the volumes is also emphasised by the change of material in the facade: the dominant colour of the light grey plaster is varied with brick cladding on the north and west facades. The hipped roof is covered with sheet metal.