Atlas Gironico al Monte

Photo by Donatella Simonetti and Filippo Simonetti

The territory of Gironico (now Colverde), consisting of a plain surrounded by hills and traversed by two streams, has extensive green areas still well preserved. The village of Gironico al Monte was built on one of the hills before the year 1000 AD. Here, in the 16th century, the Rusca family from Como erected a fortified building that, through successive alterations, would be transformed into the 18th century plan of what is now Villa Raimondi. Next to the villa the original nucleus of rural buildings eventually grew into a residential settlement that, while responding to the changed conditions of life today, retains the special balance between the landscape, historical, architectural and environmental values of the site. The recent projects by an architect-planner of particular sensibility have respected the genius loci, introducing compositions and a vocabulary seamlessly integrated with the existing places and buildings.

Significant architectural works
Villa Raimondi, formerly Villa Rusca, 15th century fortified building transformed and extended, with a noble court with Mannerist elements on the initiative of Clemente Rusca 17th century, with decorations on the piano nobile 18th century.
Church of S. Caterina d’Alessandria, built in 1452, restored in 1501 at the behest of Clemente Rusca
Former complex of outbuildings of Villa Raimondi, coeval with the villa, since 1960 replacement, reconstruction, restoration projects; 1962-66 multi-storey housing; from the 70s to 2010 conversion of the farm buildings to housing, architects Cesare Macchi Cassia, Pietro Macchi Cassia.

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