Atlas Lake Pusiano

Pusiano, Eupilio, Erba, Merone (CO)
259.4 m above sea level
4,95 skm, max depth: 24,3 m

Photo by Giovanna Silva

Moraine lake: pre-alpine lake of glacial origin in the hills of the morainic amphitheatre of Brianza. The surrounding area, swampy and covered with reed brakes, forests and heath, was reclaimed and proved excellent for agricultural crops and fodder production, so making it possible, thanks to the presence of ditches and wellsprings, to develop the water meadow technique of cultivation. “Erba gave its name to that plain that lies between Lake Alserio and Lake Pusiano, which is divided into cultivated land and swamps or peat bogs, a geological monument to the domain of the waters also in this region,” Carlo Annoni, 1829

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