Atlas Lakeside District

Photo by Planar

The area, corresponding to the zone formerly called Pra’ Pasqué and then Campo Garibaldi, between the 19th and 20th centuries was affected by a series of far-reaching changes that have made it a place of special interest. It stands out for its well-balanced presence of residential buildings, green areas with amenities, sports facilities, representative monuments and celebrations of recognized architectural quality. The care devoted to the landscape and sightlines give it almost the atmosphere of an independent “lakeside settlement” within the city.

Architectures of interest
Stadium “G. Sinigaglia” – Casa del Balilla, viale Sinigaglia, 1925-27, 1933-34, engineer Giovanni Greppi, engineers Paolo and Vittorio Mezzanotte, Gianni Mantero, Angelo Croppi.
Building of the Società Canottieri Lario “G. Sinigaglia”, via Puecher 6, 1930-31, engineer Gianni Mantero.
Yacht Club Como, viale Puecher 8, 1930-32, engineers Attilio Terragni and Vincenzo Balsamo.
War Memorial, viale Vittorio Veneto, 1930-33, architect Giuseppe Terragni and engineer Attilio Terragni.
Hangar of the Aero Club, Piazzale Somaini, 1931-34, engineer Carlo Ponchos.
Novocomum, viale Sinigaglia 1, 1927-29, architect Giuseppe Terragni.
Housing and Offices “Novocomum”, viale Rosselli 12, 1925-26, architect Giacomo Caranchini.
Building with housing, offices, shops, viale Rosselli 20-viale Masia 83-89, 1956, architects Pietro Lingeri and Luigi Zuccoli.
Giuliani Frigerio House, viale Rosselli 24, 1939-40, architect Giuseppe Terragni.
Park Hotel Meublé, viale Rosselli 20, 1960-65, architect Enrico Mantero and engineer Gianni Mantero.
Residential building “Belvedere”, via Pietro da Breggia 3, 1963-67, architects Mario Asnago and Claudio Vender.
Condominium Azzurro, viale Masia 34, 1962-64, engineer Giacomo Mantegazza.
Condominium Stadium, via Vacchi 1, 1960-62, engineers Giacomo Mantegazza and Carlo Terragni.

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