Atlas Prestino

Photo by Planar

Like Sagnino, this suburban area was also initially an IACP low-cost working-class housing estate, with the attempt to reach a discrete residential density while including generous green areas in the development and community spaces. At Prestino this initial momentum was enriched in the following years by other interesting experiments on the same theme, reflecting the development of typological research in the field of facilitated residential construction.

Architectures of interest
IACP housing estate of Breccia-Prestino, 1957-64, IACP Technical Office.
Filca-Casa housing, via Masaccio 1-24, 1979-81, architect Francesco Castiglioni and engineer Giancarlo Zanoni.
Santi Felice e Francesco parish complex, via D’Annunzio, 1970-72, architects Elia Acerbis and Luigi Prina, engineer Armen Manoukian.

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