Atlas Railway station on the lake and breakwater

1858-68 construction of the breakwater
1880 construction of railway line and goods yard
1965 disposal of the goods line and airport

Photo by Marco Cappelletti and Sara Ruggeri

In the second half of the 19th century, the breakwater and the railway line in the goods yard on the lake traced two strong signs in the city’s morphology. An industrial port was built to serve the territory and functioned until 1965. Connected since the 70s to the area of the Public Gardens, today the breakwater is not only a berthing place for boats, but also a path with a view of the city with its focus on the monument built by Daniel Liebeskind in 2015.
The sign in the urban form remains even if the old railway route is lost in Borgovico, where the last remains of the curvilinear stone viaduct can be seen.

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