Atlas Neorealist housing estate

Photo by Planar

The estate is one of the low-cost working-class developments built after World War II by INA-Casa and Gescal. The estate, built from scratch, is today one of the most populous areas of Como. It follows the natural contours of the land organically and alternates medium-density housing with large external communal areas. The first buildings follow typologies and materials – exposed concrete framework, brick cladding, two-coat plaster – then recurrent in these neorealist projects. The area was gradually endowed with basic services and is still recognizable as a unified nucleus, despite the disorderly growth of development around it.

Architectures of interest
INA Casa, 1956-62, architects Ezio Cerutti, Gianemilio Monti Guido Gai, Giorgio Moro, engineer Francesco Bassi.
Housing INA Casa, 1963-65, architects Pietro Lingeri, Piercarlo Lingeri, Emilio Terragni.
Housing Gescal, 1963-65, architects Piero De Amicis, Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi, Vico Magistretti, Rinaldo Scaioli.
Kindergarten, via Segantini, 1970, architect Luigia Martinelli (UTC Como).
Middle School, via Deledda, 1974, architect Luigia Martinelli (UTC Como).
Primary school, via Mognano, late 70s, architects Luigi Zuccoli and Pier Carlo Noè.

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