Atlas San Rocco

Photo by Donatella Simonetti and Filippo Simonetti

The housing built by the Società Cooperativa Edificatrice, the IACP and the Tintoria Pessina in the first half of the 20th century created a de facto working-class neighbourhood to support industrial expansion into the valley of Como. The buildings are arranged in a clearly recognizable urban pattern in the attempt to achieve a balance between the built-up area and spaces of relationship and services. The Sant’Elia Kindergarten by Terragni stands out by its unique vocabulary, but forms a close tie with the neighbourhood by the interpenetration between internal and external spaces.

Significant architectural works
Viganò housing estate, Soc. Coop. Edificatrice, via Viganò/via Leoni, 1903-05, architect Gandino Majsetti.
Trieste housing estate, Soc. Coop. Edificatrice, Via Castellini, 1920-24, engineer Luigi Catelli.
Volta housing estate, Soc. Coop. Edificatrice, Via Alciato, 1927-29, engineer Antonio Giussani.
Pessina housing, via Palestro-via Anzani, 1929-36, engineer Adolfo Dell’Acqua.
A. Diaz housing estate, Coop. Edificatrice tra mutilati, via Viganò, 1930-31, engineer Andrea Longhi, engineer Oscar Ortelli.
Sant’Elia Kindergarten, via Alciato/via dei Mille, 1935-37, architect Giuseppe Terragni.
IACP housing, via Anzani, 1939, architect Alberto Sartoris, architect Giuseppe Terragni.
Magistri Comacini housing estate, Soc. Coop. Edificatrice, via Alciato, 1953-55, architect Silvio Longhi, engineer Gianni Mantero, engineer Luigi Ponci, engineer Luciano Trolli.

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