Atlas Scuola Pellegrino Tibaldi

Cantù, via A. Manzoni 19
1986: project
1998: construction
architect Aldo Rossi

Photo by Walter Mair

The school building is constructed around the central gallery with a metal barrel roof. At the sides perpendicular structures branch off, staggered and differentiated, to form two courtyards: one with a cylindrical library on two floors, facing the street, the other with the gymnasium, never completed, characterized by the apse-shaped stage. In the atrium, red porphyry marks the transition between the more urban public part and the classrooms, arranged with one side along the garden and the other open to the courtyard.
Aldo Rossi conceived the school complex as a city. The classrooms are developed around a central axis, divided by educational cycles, with outdoor courtyards for collective activities and a cylindrical construction, called the “planetarium”, as a library.