Atlas Ratti factory

Guanzate, via Madonna 30
1966-69 extension:
architect Tito Spini, engineer Luigi Bacci
1999 offices:
architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Zecca Prefabbricati Technical Office

Photos by Isabella Sassi Farìas

The factory was built in stages, with each block based on functional criteria that present interesting architectural ideas. In the 1966 extension, the large structural grid, functional to the creation of innovative open-plan areas for textile production, became an expressive element characterized by the proportions and the span of the large beams and underscored by the broad, fully glazed walls. Into the 1999 building, Caccia Dominioni inserted on the regular grid of the offices the curvilinear space of the entrance hall, emphasized by the strong expressive charge of the towers containing the staircases.

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