Atlas Strada Regia


Photo by Marco Cappelletti

A mule track was the only overland road connecting Como and Bellagio until the early 20th century, before construction of the Strada ex-Statale 583. It follows the east shore of the Como branch of the lake, winding through woods and narrow village streets for some 35 Km. Called the Strada Regia, it has been restored for the purposes of excursions, walking and cycling by the Società Archeologica Comense with regional and provincial funds (2002-06).
The main stages along the route are: Brunate, Blevio, Torno, Faggeto Lario (Molina, Lemna, Palanzo), Pognana Lario (Pognana, Quarzano), Nesso (Careno, Vico), Lezzeno (Ponte del Diavolo), Bellagio.

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