Tours Fisionomie lariane, the itineraries.

Fisionomie Lariane has treated each category with different languages and techniques of representation, recognizing design as a means of reading the territory and has generated a photographic archive of the Province of Como that is based on the subjective and unique looks of each individual professional photographer involved in the research.


Water is the matrix of the Larian territory: the multiple forms in which it appears define a set of places that construct its identity. By its strength and in different time frames, it determines the geomorphological, social and economic changes in the territory.


Photos by Giovanna SilvaEdoardo Valle


The encounter between the natural state of the territory and the process of historical transformation generates “traces” as we understand them. Natural times meet human times. To grasp, read and contextualize these signs, in time and space, allows for the construction of a territorial biography.


Photos by Marco CappellettiStefano Graziani, Sara Ruggeri, Jacopo Valentini


Through an inventory, ranging from alpine pastures to urban areas, from utopian residences to workers’ housing estates, each settlement selected, despite the variety of forms and dimensions, proves capable of clearly describing a specific aspect of the territory and so possesses a distinctive identity.


Photos by Donatella Simonetti and Filippo Simonetti, Planar

The character of a place is bound up with the economic, social and cultural activities that develop within its territory. With its distinctive position on the frontier and along the north-south infrastructural route that traverses Europe, the province of Como has always benefited from the potential offered by the flow of goods and people.


Photos by Walter Mair, Isabella Sassi Farias

Asnago Vender

The richness of the contribution left by Asnago Vender in the Como area enables us to discover a further instalment, still largely unexplored, of their projects on the theme of housing.